Slot machine test: Amazonia

The Amazon in South America has always inspired the fantasies of the people, because he is an imposing nature work around that has been shrouded in the dense jungle many myths. And the slot machine "Amazonia" takes you straight there and the especially good news is that hidden treasures are not far away. The mercury convinced slot machine with great graphics, impressive sound and some good chances. He can be played at Sunmaker Casino, even in fun mode, in which you can turn a few test laps quietly.

The mystery prizes in Amazonia

In addition to the two risk functions you can make even Myterygewinne with the temple, where is again and again to pick up a little something. In this way, your chances are good only with the best memories to leave "Amazonia". Often it pulls back but again one, to experience new adventures. A special slot with great bonus features.

Play Amazonia online now!

Play Amazonia online

According to the theoretical payout percentage is ordinary 96,95% manufacturer and in fact, you'll find that all laps same symbols can be collect. Is also the goal of the game, because across the reels, paylines are distributed on those same symbols lead to profit. The lines run from left to right and need to set accordingly on the left side. You can do at the same time profits on more than one payline, then added.

On five reels, there are different symbols, such as standard letters, as well as a waterfall, a frog, a UR inhabitant or even a parrot. As a general rule that images are always more valuable. The ur inhabitant that promises the most profitable, and counts as well as frog, Parrot and waterfall from two symbols per line is particularly high. The other symbols require at least three same motifs side by side, where can other fields replace the ur inhabitant as Joker and so series complete.

Feature is the Panther, because if this appears at least three times anywhere on the reels, there are up to 6 free spins. In addition he works to your winnings as a multiplier, up to five times may increase. The temple is the scatter symbol. Three of them distributed somewhere, take you to the mystery Temple. Here, you get extra profit, where you will have some attempts to dust off the highest sum in each case. The slot machine "Amazonia" too so with bonus features that are unlocked all laps in the one or other form.

Slot machines instructions from Amazonia

If you not just in fun mode are a bit the feeling test want to, must register in the online casino and charge real money. Sometimes there are also casino bonus, which you can use to make inserts also. Then, you can play with real stakes "Amazonia" and accordingly also win or lose. You can decide how high your bet per round in the slot "Amazonia" should be, you can also reduce also the fifteen paylines, so also play with less usage per round.

As next start you the reels by clicking on the corresponding button. The reels start to spin, then you see, whether you've made a profit. If symbols on more than one payline can be used, this will be shown. Using the auto start function automatically to the selected usage turning until you win or you have no more credits.

If you win in "Amazonia", you can increase the profit with the risk function. The card version you choose red or black. Your win is doubled when real forecast, otherwise you lose all. The risk manager is something more subtle. Here clicking at a particular moment, and with a little luck you end up on a higher level. You can theoretically play heads up top or fall to zero. The advantage is that not immediately when you lose everything, you should even be wrong. Of course you have to play but not risk, but can directly write to win your wallet.

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